Unit Ekran Alıntısı


Speakout Pre-intermediate

Unit 6  Common collocations

  1. hearth           surgery /   beat   /  condition   / problems   /
  2. keep               sane      / fit         /   warm    /     awake
  3. reduce            crime   /  cost    /  anxiety  /  stress
  4. establish    a new research center  / hundreds of laughter clubs  /  contact with aliens
  5. peace           talks     / conference   /   process  / of mind
  6. be                   silly   / yourself  / a man  / rude  / active

A) She believes  exercising and __________________ helps you live longer.

B) He thinks that cutting grass and helping your wife with the housework help you to have “__________ ”

C) People say that laughing everyday makes you live 7 years longer because it ________ .

D) Since then he has travelled around the world and established _______________ .

E) He is a speacialist in hearth ________ .


UNIT 8             VOCABULARY

Invest: to buy shares, property, or goods because you hope that the value will increase and you can make a profit:

  • I’ve got a few thousand dollars I’m looking to invest
  • Oliver made a fortune by investing in antique furniture.
  • Williams invested a large sum of money in Swiss stocks.
  • He has invested heavily (=invested a lot of money) in the bond market.

be worth something: to have a value in money:

  • The house must be worth quite a lot of money now.
  • One of the pictures is worth £50,000.
  • Do you know how much the ring is worth?
  • This art collection is worth a fortune (=worth a very large amount of money)

give in: to stop competing or arguing and accept that you cannot win

  • Eventually I gave in and accepted the job on their terms.
  • The champion refused to give in and went on to win the set.
  • The government has said all along that it will never give in to terrorist attacks.